The Impact Summit 2020 (#THIS2020) is Asia’s largest 3 days virtual summit that brings together some of the best and brightest minds, thought-leaders and entrepreneurs together under one global summit. It provides a neutral platform to share innovative business growth strategies, thought leadership in turbulent times, changing the status quo, identifying and using purpose-driven business models as a means of tackling global challenges. Returning to some semblance of normalcy post the lockdown will pose severe challenges and require agility as well as innovation. The good news is that the work has already begun on so many different fronts. Some of the solutioning on display is breath-taking in simplicity & elegance, while some seems simply inspired. In these uncertain times, celebrating and supporting each other is more important than ever it has been.

The Impact Summit 2020 (#THIS2020) is inevitably Asia’s largest 3 Day Virtual Summit, which provides a unique platform to come together; to share ideas, foster community, learn from and help each other and build a collaborative ecosystem to survive and thrive. The 3 days e-summit aims to take us through a journey on various aspects of personal and business growth such as Self-Development, looking within and rediscovering one’s self, building resilient leadership, non-disruptive remote work strategies, work-life balance, the art of delegation and empowerment and innovative digital strategies for business growth.

It also covers areas such as Thought Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Business and technology thereby helping us identify and understand the problems faced by today’s entrepreneurs who are looking forward to sustain and grow their enterprise glocally. Join us online to find inspiration, discuss ideas and connect with the people who are not only sharing their global vision, but bringing it to life and managing business growth in these turbulent times.

“In the midst of every crisis, lies great opportunity” – Albert Einstein

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